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Grimm's Magnetic Quadrato Puzzle - Small
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  • Recommended Age: 5 years +
  • Country Of Manufacture: Germany
  • Item Dimensions: 100 tiles; Each measures 5/8" square; Case is 8 inches square

Grimm's Magnetic Quadrato Puzzle - Small

# GRM80800
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This is a truly remarkable product that your children may have to pry out of your hands! It is just too much fun. This mosaic comes in a handy travel tin that serves as the canvas for your masterpiece. There are 100 beautifully stained wooden magnetic tiles, just waiting to create a wonderful design or image.

The rainbow of colors are vivid, and the wood is smooth. It is dyed with child-safe, water-based colors. The natural grain of the wood can be seen through the coloring. Kids will love to use their imagination and make a different picture every time!

The magnetic puzzle is like a living picture that can continually be rearranged. An artistic game that stimulates the soul and promotes creative thinking. In contrast to our solid wooden puzzles which are laid out like blocks on a table or floor where you can feel the shape and form, the magnetic puzzle feels more like painting a picture. Just as the building blocks follow the laws of gravity the ease and lightness of the magnetic pieces is experienced. The thin pieces of the puzzle seem to move weightlessly in height & depth. A flowing dynamic movement through which the fantasy is animated. Building blocks need the horizontal mostly when sitting or on the floor. The focal point of this game is when the child is immersed in play to achieve harmony. The magnetic frame needs to be placed upright, your own creative work is then facing you. Distant and near, the feeling of space is experienced. A playful and artistic discussion takes place, which activates creative thought. Both create different effects which the soul needs. For children from 4 years of age, but also for adults as a balance for concentrated thought and repetitive work. Especially suitable for working in therapeutic areas. One can create so many different forms and colour combinations with ease. Making something new from something complete. In this way, ones own creative inhibitions are freed enabling natural free play.


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